About Evalto

Evalto, Inc. is wildly passionate about leveraging automation to gain efficiencies.

The people working on Governance, Risk, and Compliance/Integrated Risk Management activities have full-time jobs in their domain (Compliance, Risk, Third Party Management, Business Continuity, Cybersecurity, etc.). They desire to accomplish their objectives in the most efficient manner possible. Evalto helps to increase efficiency and minimize manual tasks.

Our Story

Team work. New product researching. Startup crew in loft office. Film effect and lens flare effect, blurry background

While attending college at Bradley University in 1998, Doug was approached by a professor teaching an MBA course with a proposal from one of his students to re-write a software application for Caterpillar's Marine Division from DOS to Windows. Doug jumped at the opportunity and DCS Consulting was born. That opportunity grew into many more software projects for Caterpillar.

Three years later, Evalto, Inc. was incorporated. Then came more services such as web site development and hosting, email newsletter hosting, and web site monitoring across the country. While volunteering at YouthBuild McLean County, a consistent frustration by leadership about the lack of a software platform for their organization turned into an opportunity to develop an educational tracking system for non-profits called eduIntel.

While working at State Farm, Doug's career evolved and gained exposure to various domains of development, infrastructure, auditing, security, risk, and compliance. That experience was tapped to lead the enterprise rollout and development of the RSA Archer platform in 2010. In 1017, a recruiter from Palmer Group informed Doug of an RSA Archer consulting opportunity locally at Berkley Technology Services (BTS), a W.R. Berkley Corporation. Now we bring all that experience to help other organizations manage their RSA Archer environments efficiently.

What's an Evalto?

Pronounced /ē-vawlt-toh/

We often get asked "What does Evalto mean?" and "Where did it come from?" Great questions!

It was a brainstorming activity with my wife Erin. In the early 2000's tech companies typically started with an 'e' for e-commerce (ebay, esurance, eharmony, etc.) and we wanted to leverage that trend. We liked "Evato", but the .com name was taken....adding an 'L' made Evalto. It had the sound of a tech company and "vault" which had a feeling of security/strength. Also, "eval" is a programming function (Wikipedia) which resonated well with what we were doing.

Meet the Founder

Doug Campbell

President & Chief Archer Architect

Doug has a strong history of innovative experience in application development, software and infrastructure architecture, IT security, IT Auditing, and 11 years of dedicated development, administration, and consulting on RSA Archer. Those skills culminate to bring you outstanding results for your risk programs.

Doug is wildly passionate about automating Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) activities using the RSA Archer platform so organizations can spend less time on managing compliance and more time on growing their business. At Evalto, Inc. he is available as a consultant to develop applications and integrations in Archer. He also builds tools and utilities to help administrators, developers, and power users to save time and money managing the Archer platform to get the most return on their investment.

Relevant Certifications:

  • Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP)
  • RSA Archer 6 Professional
  • RSA Archer 6 Associate
  • Archer Certified Professional (Archer 4.x-5.x)

Next Steps...

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