AVLET - Lite

What does AVLET mean?

AVLET is an acronym for Archer Values List Export Tool

What does AVLET Lite do?

AVLET Lite reads an exported RSA Archer values list (global or local) .xml file and creates a .csv file to open in Excel for further formatting and sharing with your business partners or for documentation purposes.

Why do I want AVLET Lite?

Your power business partners likely want a full understanding of the solution they are using including all the values list values and options. These values may be filtered/hidden based on rules/actions or calculated and therefore they may not see all the options in the list.

Creating quality application/questionnaire documentation takes time and values lists are an important component of that documentation. Speed up that process with a tool which quickly lets you view all the values list options in an easy to read format.

Watch a 1 Minute Live Demo

See AVLET Lite in action as the software instantly transforms an exported values list from Archer into a .csv file for editing in Excel.


Cost: Free

The AVLET - Lite version is completely free for your entire enterprise. We simply ask you join our mailing list for updates about this and other upcoming tools we have in development....such as AVLET - Pro!