Inactive User Reporting Version 2.0 Features Take Leap Forward

Inactive User Reporting V2.0 takes a leap forward in ease of configuration setup, adds reporting of users no longer in access groups, adds support for SaaS/Hosted customers, and many other requested enhancements.

  1. Ease of Config Setup: A new setup button automatically pulls a list of applications and questionnaires. After selecting an app/questionnaire, all the record permission and user/group fields are available for selection as well as any numeric fields for filtering. Optionally, Report Owners without system administrator access can manage the config easily.
  2. Users No Longer in Access Groups: This solves the pain point when users move between teams within your organization and lose their access to records in process. These users are not inactive but has the same effect when they cannot complete the tasks or receive emails once access was removed.
  3. Support for SaaS/Hosted Customers: This feature allows customers to execute the inactive user reporting logic to identify inactive users and produce reports outside of a JavaScript Transporter Data Feed using an enterprise job scheduler or Windows Task Scheduler. OnPrem customers can also use this implementation for increased performance and detailed error logging.
  4. Additional Updates:
    1. Increased number of monitored fields to 10 per app/questionnaire
    2. Added additional information to reports
      1. Reason/status of user: inactive, locked, and/or not in group
      2. User’s last login date
    3. Added new scheduling option: Last Day of Month
    4. Increased flexibility of backend configuration of URLs/paths for various web server configurations